Ukraine will get a platform for investing in renewable energy projects

Analytics of the alternative energy market
Analysis of alternative energy market. Information about the market of solar power plants, wind power plants, biogas and biomass power plants, analysis of energy-efficient solutions.
The market of alternative energy in Ukraine, Europe and the world.
The main market indicators: dynamics of the commissioning of renewable energy facilities, production and import of solar panels and other equipment for alternative energy.
Analysis of the dynamics of financing of alternative energy projects by banks, international organizations and private investors.
Analysis of the alternative energy market
Analytics and statistics on the market, analysis of the prospects for alternative energy market in Ukraine and the world.
Analysis of the financing of alternative energy projects
Financing of alternative energy projects. Loans of banks and international organizations, private investors.
Store of prepared analytics and business plans
You can purchase prepared research on the alternative energy market, or a business plan for a solar power plant, a wind power plant, and biomass station.
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Ratings of the companies in the alternative energy market
By investing in any business, everyone is counting not only on investment return but also on making a profit.

Only properly selected Companies will be able to ensure the implementation of a business project without difficulties and in optimal time.
Rating of equipment suppliers
Rating of assembly (general contracting) companies
Rating of legal and engineering companies
Rating of project companies
Useful information
How to function the electricity market in Ukraine.
How to sell and buy electricity in Ukraine.
How to connect to power grids.
How to connect a station on renewable energy sources to the grids.
How to sell electricity at a green tariff.
What are the green auctions?
What laws regulate alternative energy in Ukraine?
The work of associations in the market of solar energy, wind energy, and biomass, forums, exhibitions and seminars of suppliers of equipment for alternative energy.
Electricity market
Connection of electric power facilities
Associations, clubs and communities
Forums, exhibitions and seminars
GETMARKET expert group
Rodion Morozov
Director of the Department of Environmental Reengineering and Resource Saving Projects Implementation of AB "UKRGASBANK"
Alexandr Sokolov
General Director of PRO-CONSULTING
He has extensive experience in the project's implementation in the field of analytics and market research, strategy development, the creation of investment projects, including the field of alternative energy.
Nikolay Volkov
Head of development of corporate projects and partnership of Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Yuriy Podoliak
Director of IKNET
Practitioner for the implementation of projects in the field of electrical power engineering
Alexey Orzhel
Head of the Energy Sector of the Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO)
Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy, an expert in the field of fuel and energy complex
Maksym Sysoiev
lawyer in the Dentons' office in Kyiv
He has many years of experience in supporting projects on the construction of solar and wind power plants in Ukraine and obtaining the right to apply the "green" tariff.
He is the co-chairman of the Committee of the European Business Association for Oil and Gas, a member of various committees of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, the International Legal Association ADVOC and the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.