CMS Expert Guide to Hydrogen


A consensus is fast emerging that hydrogen will play a key role as an energy vector and a pillar in the ongoing energy transition. It promises to accelerate transformative changes across many sectors, most notably energy and transport. This guide draws together the insight of some of the most experienced global energy experts to provide a timely and insightful perspective on how hydrogen projects may proceed, and the sector develops, across the globe.

As energy lawyers, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang are accustomed to the emergence of new technologies. Nevertheless, each emergent technology’s unique characteristics need to be respected. It would be complacent to think that hydrogen can be treated like natural gas, or other energy sources, for the purposes of legal and regulatory frameworks, investment cases, financing structures, operational requirements, revenue stream arrangements and the panoply of other elements that need to be considered to formulate an effective commercialisation model.

The term “hydrogen economy” is not new, but the role that hydrogen can, and is expected, to play in the economies of many of the jurisdictions covered in this guide demonstrates the revitalised ambitions of this subsector. But this guide also highlights the fact that progress is not equal in all places. What are still an emerging suite of technologies and an immature web of policy and regulatory frameworks in some jurisdictions, are developing quickly into a supportive system ready to welcome private sector investment in other countries. What is clear is that the promise of hydrogen developments and uses is rapidly evolving as governments and market players are waking up to its benefits and potential.

With many countries committing to having major low-carbon hydrogen projects underway by 2030 and committing to achieve net zero targets, investors have to take a truly global perspective on the sector.

This guide sets out the ease (or otherwise) of developing hydrogen projects across the jurisdictions covered – highlighting the status of hydrogen developments in each country; considering the market prospects and opportunities ahead that are key for the companies who are seeking to enter or expand in this sector; what challenges need to be overcome in order to reach national and international goals and how the national and international specific legislation and regulations in each jurisdiction facilitates this growing sector.

Download full version of the Guide via link: CMS Expert Guide to Hydrogen