CMS Renewables Guide 2020


The latest CMS Renewables Guide includes contributions from some of the most active renewables lawyers in the sector across the globe. 

The guide examines the current state of the renewables sector in 44 jurisdictions across Africa, Asia, Europe (including Ukraine), the Middle East and Latin America and outlines expectations for the future of the sector in each of those jurisdictions.

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenge and has seen great change to economies and societies worldwide. Renewable energy generation is one of the key priorities for the Ukrainian energy sector and national economy. However, the current share of energy generated from renewable energy sources – wind, solar, biomass, biogas and small hydro (RES), as well as by big hydropower projects (greater than 10MW) – in Ukraine’s energy mix is still relatively small.

In the Ukrainian chapter you will find the latest overview of the renewables sector, as well as recent and forthcoming developments.

You can access a copy of the report here

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