GetMarket platform presented full ratings of Ukrainian solar energy market players


On December 11th, over 60 participants of the Ukrainian renewables market joined the presentation of the first full rating done by the GetMarket platform. The rating evaluates the companies working in Ukrainian solar energy market.

Investors, consulting, audit and legal companies, financial institutions, business associations and clubs, authorities, contractors and journalists joined the presentation at the conference hall of SigmaBleyzer consulting company in Kyiv. In addition, key consulting companies discussed their vision for the nearest future of Ukrainian energy market.

During the discussion the partner companies of the GetMarket platform presented their view of the situation on the renewable energy markets and discussed the proposed changes to the law. Yaroslav Petrov, Partner at Asters, facilitated the discussion.

Andriy Olenyuk, Partner at Everlegal, shared his view on the potentially challenging issues with introduction of the renewable energy auctions in Ukraine, and the international context of this process.

Olga Shenk, Counsel at CMS Cameron McKenna, expanded on the question of compensation of losses to the companies, caused by rapid and unforeseen changes in legislation in different countries. Olga also gave her view on the risks, posed on investors and the state by new laws.

Maksym Sysoiev, Counsel at Dentons, explained in details the proposed legislative changes in the renewable energy sphere. Maksym explained the key conditions of the bill introduced by the government, and how those conditions can impact the renewable energy projects.

Oleksandr Baskov, Head of Sustainability Services at Baker Tilly Ukraine, shared his experience of working with investors in renewable energy projects, and their reaction to the changes in Ukrainian legislation. He also outlined his view 6n how to make a successful shift to a new support scheme.

Rodion Morozov, Director of Green Financing at Ukrgasbank, shared the results of the modelling the impact on the energy projects by the potential legislation changes. The research has been done by Ukrgasbank for the projects financed by this institution. In his view, if proposed changes come into force, the bank will have to adjust the terms of financing for some their projects.

Maksym Babaiev, CEO at GetMaket, presented the results of the ratings of Ukrainian solar energy market players: EPC contractors and designers. He also shared the results of analysis of the solar panels suppliers for Ukrainian solar projects in 2018-2019. Results of the ratings are published on the GetMarket website:

Event has ended with a recognition of the ratings leaders and a networking session. The session gave all participants an opportunity to meet and communicate, which is as important as information of the presentations.

Maksym Babaiev, CEO at GetMarket: “The ratings presentation gathered a full venue, which is very satisfying for us. It means that players of Ukrainian energy market really need more quality and objective data. The solar energy players ratings are the first in Ukraine, and we are working on constant updates and development. And we are looking forward to joining forces with new partners.