Webinar «Offshore wind farms in the Black Sea: Turkey & Ukraine»


With every passing year, wind energy becomes increasingly used to meet the growing demand for reliable and environmentally friendly energy sources. In the world that is actively implementing the «green» energy transition, wind energy is considered the safest and most environmentally friendly renewable energy source (RES). In addition, it has proved to be the most resilient in the post-COVID-19 reality and new living environment. The global installed wind capacity reached 32,500 MW in late 2020. Today, 162 offshore wind farms, powered by ocean and sea energy, already generate «green» electricity worldwide, while а total of 10 000 MW capacities (26 offshore WPPs) is being build globally.

Both Ukraine and Turkey are those countries of the Black Sea region that have considerable natural and technical potential for developing offshore wind projects, which will scale up the benefits of wind energy technology, and renewable energy in general.

According to the World Bank, the technical potential of offshore wind power in the Black Sea basin reaches 435 GW, half of which accounts for Ukraine’s maritime territory. The report also indicates that 70 GW offshore wind power potential of 13 GW fixed; 57 GW floating is feasible in Turkish maritime territory.

The technical potential of offshore wind power in shallow areas of the Ukrainian waters seems as no less promising and reaches 250 GW, which, in turn, could stimulate the launching of «green» hydrogen industry in Ukraine. However, both these markets require significant amendments to the current legislation as well as the adoption of new one.

Symbolically, on Global Wind Day, June 15, 2021, the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association and the Turkish Offshore Wind Energy Association, hold a joint international webinar «Offshore Wind Farms in the Black Sea: Turkey and Ukraine». Leading experts from Turkey and Ukraine will reveal the full range of maritime potential of their countries, necessary for the deployment of offshore wind capacities. Mr. Andriy Konechenkov, the Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Wind Energy Association, and Dr. Murat Durak, Chairman of Turkish Offshore Wind Energy Association will open the webinar. 

Within the two parts of the webinar, the speakers will cover a wide range of thematic issues:

1. Offshore wind potential in Turkey:

1) Offshore Wind Power Potential of Turkey. Bilgihan Yaşacan, (Member of the Board, Turkish Offshore Wind Energy Association);

2) Local Manufacturing Possibilities for Offshore Wind Turbine in Turkey: Ports and Maritime Sector. Ahmet Paksu, (Deputy Chairman, Turkish Offshore Wind Energy Association);

3) Floating Wind Turbines: A Good Solution for Black Sea. Ersin Şekerci, (Deputy Chairman, Turkish Offshore Wind Energy Association);

4) Offshore wind strategy in Turkey. Mark Leybourne, (Senior Energy Specialist Offshore Wind at The World Bank).

2. Offshore wind potential in Ukraine:

5) Offshore Wind Power Potential of Ukraine. Kateryna Knysh, (Head of analytical department of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association);

6) Legislative practical steps to implement offshore wind energy in Ukraine. Marta Halabala, (Senior Associate, Asters Law Firm);

7) Ukrainian Black Sea shelf offshore wind concept. Maxim Ganzha (Offshore wind farm project manager, Naftogaz-Vuglesyntezgaz);

8) Offshore wind power and “green” hydrogen: expending boundaries for Ukraine’s generating capacity. Oleksandr Riepkin, (President of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council).

The webinar will run in Microsoft Teams!

The webinar’s language — English.

The event is free!